The name is TerishD

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The name is TerishD Empty The name is TerishD

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:29 pm

TerishD comes from the name of one of the oldest and dearest of Roby Ward's fantasy characters, Terish Dozzrine. Roby is my name, but long ago I chose TerishD as a name that was unique and that no one else would want (so would stay unique). You can call me Roby here, if you must, but if you see TerishD (or probably Terish) on elsewhere on the internet you can bet that it is me.

I have been writing fiction for many, many decades. I have been posting stories on the internet for over a decade. My writing has improved, and this site is here as part of my effort to prepare for a hopeful return to a wider audience.

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