No Death is a Life to Live

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No Death is a Life to Live Empty No Death is a Life to Live

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:12 am

One would think that a simple device that detected life would be of little consequence. To those of a world of magic, that information however sparks a number of grand possibilities. An aging thief puts his hope in contacting an immortal mercenary only to realize that when the stakes rise beyond earthly riches people want things other than money as payment.
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I have a number of ideas for possible Terish stories. Most are nothing more than opening paragraphs. This one however took off and developed into a fine story.

It must be said that in "Into the Land of Immortals," Straekin tells everyone that she is not going to call Thiminy or Davelda her home, but is going to get her husband back out into the omniverse where she feels he is at his best. This is the first story of her actually doing that.

The story develops more of the early history of Terish, as well as tells a good recent adventure. I enjoyed writing this tale, and heard no complaints from those that read it. Another tale of this type is developing, and should be presented at some time in the future.

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