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Fred Melder continues in his path even as he suffers from the recent loss of his family. Feeling that he owes them, as well as himself, to go on with his life he begins attending the chosen college. It has a highly recognized school of magic, so Fred accepts certain pranks as a part of the path he is following.

The presence of phantasmal animals appearing about campus is however not just stunts from those learning magic. There is a devious plan being put into action that will force Fred and his friends to put more than their class attendance into jeopardy. Being joined by a famous alumnus of the college does not help, because he is insane. Fred finds himself learning more about the campus than he ever considered possible as he faces those who use magic for gain without concern for who might be hurt.

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I did read the Harry Potter books. Cannot really say that I liked them, but I needed to have read them to competently debate them on the internet. In my opinion, where Rowlings failed was in meshing her world with the real world. It troubled me enough that I began playing with the idea.

It was always in my notes that Terish Dozzrine went to college. After gaining Thiminy, he went to gain credible instruction in how to properly manage people, land, and other factors of leading a civilization. While he had Straekin for advice, he did not see Davelda as an example he wanted to copy. He went to Bellesdun University in a universe that had a blending of science and magic. I thus looked to Bellesdun University to set my own story.

I made my hero as opposite Harry Potter as possible. I then gave him competent friends. In the mix, I tossed in Terish. Just wanting to again write a story with Raedell, I set the story in the period that Terish was insane. With all of that, I really did not expect the story to develop, but it did.

I like "Night of Darkness." It does tell a good story. There should be another eventually, but as of yet there is barely a chapter written of the next tale.

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