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Post by Admin on Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:17 am

The title is actually bad advice, as humor is definitely an asset to most stories. I however do have a reason for saying it. I usually have problems with the manuscripts of others and even myself with jokes. Humor depends upon the reader understanding the personalities, the history, and the present situation. Since my most common problem with reading the works of others is a lack of descriptions, it should not be surprising that I often do not get the humor.

The same will happen with my own writing. In fact, I am writing this after encountering a joking situation in a story. I am coming back to it after a number of months, and had trouble with a section because it was meant to be humorous, but I was not getting it. I will be rewriting to set up the characters and situation to assure the reader understands the comical nature. I am thus advising you to stop laughing at what you believe you are writing, and actually study the passage to assure that others will also be able to laugh.

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