No Price is Worth the Cost

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No Price is Worth the Cost Empty No Price is Worth the Cost

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:07 pm

[color=violet]Even to immortals, true love should be something great and wonderful.  Well, it is, except that there is a reason that someone is granted immortality.  When set against the affairs of the mighty, love might not rate so high.

Cornispe has fought his way to gain a ring giving him permission to wed a great heroine.  What he does not understand is that she has fought for centuries, so does not fully appreciate his efforts.  Further, she does not know if she wants what he is offering.  A husband and love does not exactly compare to her life of noble service to a deity.  Cornispe thus finds that gaining the ring was probably a worthless waste of his time.[/color]

This was another story that came together from a number of parts.  It gained a heart and a plot that however kept me working on it.  I like the final story, and I am hoping the readers do as well.  The numbers climbed for this story, so I assume others were pleased with it.

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