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The Light that Shines ever Brightly Empty The Light that Shines ever Brightly

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:00 am

Davelda has never been a quiet place.  That was something its monarch, Empress Straekin, sought to assure, as those immortals that grew bored would commit suicide instead of continuing their mundane existence.  It was such a desire to keep her people busy that had her join with a newly discovered magician, and with the man now as her husband she could not imagine life to be better.  Her world of Davelda has also come to agree, even as they are still considered boring by those that visit the world and the children born into that world.

The offspring of immortals have to face their own troubles with such grand presences as their parents.  While certain stories are considered honest history, those with extended years are found to also have expanded closets filled with skeletons of many kinds.  Not just lost children, but distant associates who have been forgotten show up to remind Empress Straekin that life of any length is a struggle.

The malicious deity Terdeskollit again moves against Terish Dozzrine and his associates.  This time the God really is not the problem.  It is something from their very past that calls out for them to risk their lives and put at risk the lives of their offspring.

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This story was difficult because I wanted to assure the quality set by "Into the Land of Immortals."  I felt the pieces were there early on, but getting them all to fit together was tough at times.  I am pleased with the story, and hope that my readers are as well.

This story is presently being released by installments to ADND.COM.

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