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Don't Rush Your Story Empty Don't Rush Your Story

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:17 pm

I told my brother once that I had to deny Jesus. I was writing a religious tale, and Jesus appeared and clearly explained the situation. I had to delete the scene, as it would have brought about the end of the story far too soon.

It is common for me to encounter writers who have short manuscripts. My advice is always to re-examine their story. A writer should want to spend time with their characters, worlds, and situations. They definitely should want their readers to enjoy their period of meeting the characters and sharing their lives. Having the time cut short is not good for either the writer or reader.

If a story is coming in short, one should examine it to determine where it is lacking. Which character would you want to spend more time with? Which scenes would you enjoy having more time to experience it? What could you do to make the time reading more fulfilling? No one wants their fun cut short. Thus, seek out methods to provide a lasting impression of the characters, their world(s), and the tale in which they are found. It would make the time much more satisfying for writer and reader alike.

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