Of Maturity and Change in General

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Of Maturity and Change in General Empty Of Maturity and Change in General

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While Neselle had to leave her world behind, those who took possession of her were not without their own gifts.  Not only could they provide wisdom and family, but a society much more able to deal with the unusual.  Neselle thus finds herself gaining the benefits of her new herd, although wanting to help those of her original world.

In this story Neselle finds herself being given a purpose to her situation.  Since she really is not an outcast, she balances carefully returning to her native home without disrupting the fine balance that maintains their existence.  Luck is however not on her side.  Others divine entities are taking action in the vacuum created by the banishment of the previous divine threat.  Neselle does not just have to face these new challenges, but her status among her people if she is truly going to act as their holy champion.

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With Neselle existing in the Terish Dozzrine omniverse, certain benefits of that association had to be allowed.  Instead of helping, their benefits are however found to become challenges in themselves.  Neselle find her status, her life, and her duty raised to a level forcing her perform at her best in the midst of difficult circumstances.

This story actually held my audience, which surprised me - but in a good way.  I thus am hoping to one day to do more with Neselle.

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