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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:54 pm

For those that do not know, my father has Parkinsons. I spend my days taking care of him and my son. After putting my father to bed, he listens to religious music. Most of it is rather good, but it has me here thinking if God listens to religious music.

Let me state that God deserves his praise. However, He, just like most people, surely gets annoyed at hearing too much praise. I mean, really, does God need to hear people 24/7 -- and however that translates into the timeless state of eternity -- tell him how great He is. I can accept that God gets down every now and then, and probably appreciates us telling Him how wonderful He is, but on a regular basis it has to get old. I mean, nothing in the Bible speaks of God as being vain. He does admit that He is a jealous God, so he could annoyed if we started singing of how great and wonderful someone else was (sorry Elvis). Having us instead piping about how glorious Mr. Almighty is must get on His nerves however.

Now, I am not saying that we need to stop. He made us, then granted us salvation, so deserves the pestering. However, if we began playing Scrabble in a back room of Heaven, I actually think the Great Omnipotent Ruler of All would enjoy some peace and quiet.

The Bible actually presents God as not always being surrounded by those that keep Him aware of His Grand Majesty. There are scenes of God calling others to His throne for conversations. That means they were not there (maybe because they were playing Scrabble in a back room). Worse, in no -- let me stress NO -- case is there a presentation of God clapping along with the music or even thanking those that are telling Him, someone that is omniscience, how truly fantastic He is. I thus submit that God is not really into Himself so much that he demands constant reminders about His Terrificness.

I have thus come to the conclusion that God would not mind me listening to my rock&roll music. Maybe not all day at maximum volume, but in moderation He probably would be entertained by something other than organ music and choirs proclaiming His Awesome Everything. Cool. Rock&Roll music is allowed in Heaven. Floyd will live on.

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