The Strange Fate of Fairplay

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The Strange Fate of Fairplay Empty The Strange Fate of Fairplay

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Fairplay, Colorado had been annihilated.  That was not First Sergeant Ben Dixon's concern, but he was simply in the area to check on a missing retired lieutenant colonel.  Corporal Keith Underwood was a gambling man however, and he put his money on the two being connected.

Ben discovers that there was a connection, but not one that forces him to turn the man in.  The Army however feels a need to speak to the retired officer about his knowledge of the loss of Fairplay.  Ben and Keith then find themselves involved in the steps of going wherever necessary to again secure American soil.

This is the tale of one man caught between his sense of duty between individuals and a group.  Ben Dixon is forced to make decisions where the only bad guy had already been killed, but all remaining do not know each other and fear a repeat of a catastrophic tragedy.  Saving Fairplay was not an option, but saving oneself might bring doom to all.

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I came up with this story again from a number of scenes that appeared in my head.  The story went beyond the simple images, but into acts of behavior I seldom allow myself to stay in my writing.  It however seemed to be a good story, so I kept writing.

I found a site that supposedly allowed a little maturity, but found the story banned.  I thus worked at editing the following passages (still writing even without an outlet for the story).  I got to the final sections however realizing that the middle would not fit.  To have the ending gain the strength it needed, it needed the reader following a certain attitude.

This story thus sat on my hard drive.  Finally, I feel that I again have a chance to present it.  I would give the link, but one needs permission to access it.

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