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Eyes Have Not Seen Eyesno10
Even though she is enjoying eternity with the love and guidance of God, Vetacha finds that others do not consider her living a blessed life.  She does not allow those with other opinions bother her, until they come seeking her to help them with the designs for their own reality.  She then finds herself having to defend her own lifestyle against those with a more structured system who feel that they will have the better place for guiding others to the love of God.

Vetacha has been over Hell, through Hell, and now is sent beneath that terrible place.  She, a brother, and an angel are exposed to those whose ideas for a reality are so warped that God did not want to watch them.  Lessons of salvation are presented even as the ways of those who have access to Heaven are found to be a lot more extreme than most possibly imagined.

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The more I read this one, the more I like it.  When writing it, I felt that I was pushing the limits of what my audience might allow.  The more I read it however, the more I feel that the message did come through.

This one has High Sheriff Vetacha against a group of puritanical siblings who feel that their ways are the best.  What they found however was not their fellow brothers and sisters against them, but God denying their request for a reality.  In what is hoped to be a strong statement of the designs of Grand Architect, Vetacha has to guide others in seeing exactly how far the limits of possible futures can be stretched.

The book is available on Kindle and Nook. Remember the name of the author is Roby Ward.

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