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Using the map above Empty Using the map above

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:51 am

In case you want to know -

My present campaign is on the right map close to where that white spot is between the continents of Germahut and Nulkalaine.  That white spot is the Falls of the Abyss.  The actual campaign is on the continent of Nulkalaine to the northeast of the falls in the kingdom of Mekarrith, although it is moving into the kingdom of Corsomma further to the east.

The first campaign on this map was about in the groin area of the continent of Desatry.

Terish Dozzrine rules slightly to the east of the tip of that triangular thingy on the continent of Nulkalaine.  That triangular thingy represents the Forshin valley where the elves were created.

Jackal and Rain adventured around the top of the continent of Germahut (right hemisphere).

The elf forest is about the middle right of the continent of Desatry, although the western edge of the forest probably touches the 'es.'

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