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Vetacha gains a mission from no other than the Biblical Daniel to save someone trapped between Heaven and Hell.  Since she is going to the place of those doomed, Vetacha calls on a brother who has asked for help in gaining his mother.  While she does not want to go, she is determined to keep her focus on God's purpose for her.

Disappointment abounds in the reason for a lady to fall short of gaining salvation, a doomed mother not willing to rise above her own failure, and others determined to maintain their own standards in spite of what others or even God might think.  Vetacha has to hold to her convictions even as she attempts to unravel mysteries created by others basing their lives on partial elements of truth.  While the city of Babylon has never been known for its godliness, the potential for its depravity goes deeper than most suspect.

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This was one story idea that I found myself amazed at how well all the pieces fell together.  The murder mystery staying solid through the various realities and personalities kept me very interested in writing this adventure.  I have to say that I consider this one the best in the series.

This is available on Kindle and Nook. Remember the name of the author is Roby Ward.

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