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Post by Admin on Fri May 24, 2013 9:39 pm

One of the first things an editor told me when I sought to get published was to break up my sentences. One comma was too much, and two demanded that the thought get broken down into separate sentences. In the public market, one could not assume that the reader was skilled, so to serve the words in small doses.

I like detail and description. I thus write to let the reader know as much about the situation and characters as possible. That tends to mean that I will write a complex sentence assuring that facts are presented properly. Knowing that I do it also means knowing to watch for them in the editing process. If I see a sentence with commas, I do what I can to break up the thoughts into shorter sections.

Note that I do not throw words out. All that detail and description I do believe is important. It just needs to be presented in a manner that the common reader can easily understand. Do the work of the writer and edit, and you can paint a complete picture that your audience can appreciate.

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