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Post by Admin on Wed May 15, 2013 8:41 am

Had a good talk with my mother and step-father on Mother's Day. I had asked mother for a Bible for Christmas, as mine was losing pages (God no longer made Heaven and Earth, but did not get busy until the Garden of Eden was already created). What she got was good, but not really what I wanted. She however found one about her house that she said would fit my requirements, and none of them used it as it was more of study Bible (which I wanted) and not a reading Bible.

We spoke of Heaven, and Vergil (my step-father) said that he knew when we entered Heaven that everyone we knew who had made it before us would be there to meet us. I told him that I hoped that was not the case. I informed him that I hoped those that made it to Heaven found the place and situation that they really wanted to be, so were active doing the things they wanted to do. I told him that I hoped that I would have to go about Heaven enjoying the sights to look up those that I wanted to speak with, as they would be active in a life of their own without problems and cares.

He spoke of the Heavenly banquet, and I said that I could care less about that. I did admit that the Bible spoke of it, so had promised God and Jesus that I would show up. Check it out, eat a bite or two, drink a goblet of whatever, then return to doing something I considered a better use of my time.

I consider it a crime -- okay, a sin -- that Christians paint such a boring vision of Heaven. Our eternal home should be a wonderful active place, not standing around some throne shouting out words telling God how wonderful he is. No mention of God in the Bible has him as being vain. He does want His acknowledgement, but nowhere in the Bible does it have God commanding us to fixate on Him and telling Him just how great and powerful He is. He wants us to live our lives in dedication to Him, but I put the stress on OUR lives. Note that Jesus also says that he will prepare a place for US, not that we will gather with everyone else at God's feet. When looking to Heaven we should consider us being able to live the lives we want to live without the problems of this world affecting us, and not moving about with wings and playing harps.

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