When writing fantasy, some things are real

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When writing fantasy, some things are real Empty When writing fantasy, some things are real

Post by Admin on Fri May 03, 2013 7:04 am

Note that I am guilty of once doing this as well. In going back and editing my early work, I found myself having grown in wisdom and not just my writing skills. I looked at a sentence and realized something.

Chalida looked down upon the elvish village wondering if they would believe her.

It should be ELF village. That is not a village simulating what an elf village would look like, but an actual village made by elves with elves living in the buildings. We do not live in humanish, or human-like communities, but actual human habitations. The same with things in fantasy.

You do not find dwarvish runes, but actual DWARF runes, although it might be written in Dwarvish. We do not find Nordish runes, but Nordic runes.

You do not get a gnomish sword, but an actual gnome sword that was made by a gnome to be used by fellow gnomes (if not the gnome that made it). You do not buy a Japanish katana, but a Japanese katana.

You do not sing an elvish poem, but an actual poem written by an elf in Elvish. We do not sing Frenchish songs, but songs in French.

I am doing my best to catch such errors as I edit my past writings, and when I write new stuff. You should as well.

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