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Post by Admin on Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:41 am

I have been reading too many submissions from people who are simply narrating the story. There is no emotion. There are no personal details. Basically, the story is a dry presentation of events.

You want your readers to connect with your story. They need to not only be concerned for the characters, but their world. In a strange way, they need to be concerned for the narrator as well. This should be easy if the narrator is the main character, but if not the person still needs to have a personality that connects with the audience.

You do not have to identify the narrator, but the reader should assume that it is a real person. There should be things the narrator likes. There should be some intensity that shows the narrator concerned for the events he is relating. The narrator should be real. Find the personality of the narrator, especially if it is the main character, and let it show in the writing.

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