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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:17 pm

Waunier has a new pegasus and is seeking to have it win him the notoriety he feels that he needs to gain the lady of his dreams. Akkel has accepted the decision of his wife to take on a female body in order to achieve the rescue of some captured damsels. Both Waunier and Akkel have things to learn that they never knew would become a problem in their lives.

Both heroes find that life is much more complicated than they ever imagined. From having to learn new skills to having to face issues they never thought would complicate their lives, Waunier and Akkel find themselves having to depend on each other to survive. What troubles them more is not their own deaths, but the lives of innocents who will be at risk should they fail.

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This tale probably should go with Jackal and Rain, as it really is an expansion of one of their tales (Plans of Men). This story is however of young lad hoping to use a pegasus to set him above other suitors and of an assassin going the extra distance to achieve a goal. I actually felt that I had written myself into a corner with this book, but became excited one day when I realized that I could work out a reasonable ending. To this day I still enjoy this story.

I have sought to have this story published. It however got offered to one of those bogus agents. The company was solid, but really a front for another self-publishing business. I had done self-publishing and just let the contract run out. Maybe next time it will reach the right people.

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