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Life on the Other Side Empty Life on the Other Side

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:23 pm

Vefillaya seeks to immerse herself in the life with her alien husband, only to realize that she will ever just be a facet of his complete existence. Calliope seeks to create for herself a future among the living in the event of her once again regaining such an existence. Greg has worked to have both ladies in his life, and with success he seeks a way to secure his life. Being a representative of universal laws, he however learns that nothing is eternal.

Matters of life in the physical realm intertwine with discoveries about the eternal nature of the personas. Each side finds themselves affected, and having to face larger issues because of it. While all hope that some great answer might be discovered, what is feared is that what is sought as a blessing might become a curse.

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I am presently taking care of my father that has Parkinsons. While I was writing superhero stories, my mind would just not stay there. They got harder and harder to write. I found myself returning to Greg and Calliope. You will hear me mention that I consider these characters of fantasy as my friends, as they have repeatedly been there when I needed someone. Greg and Calliope stepped up and gave me an outlet for some of my thoughts and ideas. Their second story thus got finished while my superhero stuff fizzled.

"Life on the Other Side" is presently being presented on Scribbles.

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Life on the Other Side Empty Re: Life on the Other Side

Post by kaki on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:42 pm

i keep forgetting to go to this site to read this one too...remind me! Smile


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