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Of Animals and Fates in General Empty Of Animals and Fates in General

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:13 pm

Neselle lives in a world where people need to transform themselves into animals in order to reproduce. Those that remain human stay children, but are honored for maintaining those things the animals cannot. As bizarre as her world is, it is at peace, even from serious opposition to the status quo.

Into this world come four strangers. They do not come seeking to conquer, or change. They do not go about demanding alteration in the established system. They have a mission, but are more than willing to peaceably go about their business, achieve their goal, and leave.

Neselle however finds her world thrown into upheaval. The strangers provide evidence of things better. She finds that she wants what they can offer very badly, and that others want it as well. What results from friendly, peaceful intentions is turmoil that shatters everything her world had achieved.

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Cannot exactly say what I was doing when I dreamed up Neselle.  What I wanted was a strange sci-fi story.  The problem was that to get this story to work in a futuristic setting I would need to make my leading lady into a real bitch.  Not wanting that type of story, I instead studied the intentions of the story and made a number of changes.

Neselle went from a bitch to a rather delightful character.  Those are the type of leads that I enjoy writing.  Her story went from a strange tale with a message to a story that I feel does have some parallels with our own possible future.  I have hopes for Neselle, and there will be more stories of her.

Note that right now Neselle's second story is being presented on adnd.com.

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