The Past that Burned Up

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The Past that Burned Up Empty The Past that Burned Up

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:56 pm

I never really had serious plans for this series. Simply going with the idea of Barbie meets My Little Pony I sought to entertain myself with some foolish writing. If you read the first part of their first story, you can still sense the silliness that I originally planned for the series. It however did not happen. To this day the stories of Sapphire and Cindy are some of the darkest stories I have written.

I want to publish these stories, but are they from the days when I wrote with a more floating PoV. I thus need to rewrite them. I have done some work, but these fall into the category of stories that I open to work on, but then get lost reading. I really want to publish these tales however, so one day I will focus and keep working.

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