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Heroes of Watussin Empty Heroes of Watussin

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Trapped deep underground is not the place for a lady of any kind. Watussin however trusted that someone would come for a lovely elf lady. A lord of chaos however was positive that he would just have others join her in misery. Neither expected a human bard and elf cleric with enough nerve and determination to succeed.

From horrors of the deep to deceptions above ground, Jackal and Rain find themselves confronted with challenges of many kinds. While they both desire to claim a certain lady for themselves, they tend to find relief in just knowing that they can keep her alive. As for which of them will gain the ultimate prize, the truth is that the glory they gain might come from setting her free.

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It was with the characters of Jackal and Rain that I began writing installments to the internet. Those two had me establish a number of things about my writing, then forced me to improve and develop skills to make what I wrote worth reading. Needless to say, the growth that they brought upon me also now makes their stories rather dated. I still respect these two.

I am working now to finally edit their material and provide the quality that they deserve. Their first six stories were put together in the book, "Heroes of Watussin," and published by Metier Press. That book actually sold rather well for me. I hope once I give Jackal and Rain a good rewrite that they will again be ready to provide enjoyable adventure for another group of readers.

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