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The history of Antheel starts with the development of this story. It began as I was driving back and forth to Northwestern (in Louisiana) to gain my teaching certificate. I had a course in Biology, and in the hour-long drive I considered fantasy biology. My thoughts ranged in odd ideas, and this book began to form as a real idea.

I wrote the book in a couple of months. What most do not realize was that I was writing it in secret. My wife at the time was very much against my writing. She was a cruel bitch in other ways than those, so I actually had time and opportunity to write (bitch thought leaving me alone was punishment, but it was actually release). To this day I consider the characters in my stories as friends, as they were there to support me when others were not.

After writing this novel, and my wife leaving, I did try to publish the book. Of all my works, this came the closest to actually being published. Glad that it did not, but I did make the attempt.

In writing this book, and the ones that followed, I set down my rules for my fantasy reality and its major people. This book itself however was only read by a few friends before being relegated to just my hard drive. It will be released one day, but not yet. Right now I just want to admit that it does exist.

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